Food, Fasting, and Faith Book by Lester Roloff

By Lester Roloff (Author), E. C. Sheehan

Now, my friend, if we do not know what to eat or what to drink, how can we do all to the glory of God? God has seen to it that the best of things in life are free and simple. Sunshine and fresh air are free and easily accessible and yet, absolutely necessary to life. Love and friendship cost nothing, but are essential to joy and happiness. The other reason I write this book is because for ten years, its truth has worked in my own life and ministry. After thirty-five years of sickness, two operations, treatment for ulcers and many lost days, weeks, and months, it is a sin for me to get sick when there is a way to stay well. We’ve just gone through an epidemic and scourge of flu, second to that of World War I. With all the doctors and hospitals and miracle drugs, there still seems to be no cure for the common cold and flu and pneumonia. Think of the loss of time of pupils and parents and also the expense for medicine and hospital bills! As I begin the first chapter in this book, I ask you to grant me two requests. First, give me an open mind, and second, give me credit for sincerely trying to write a book that will be practical and helpful to you and your whole family. Someone has said that success is learning to do what you don’t like to do. Well, after this book is written, I’m bound to be a success!